Best Bicycles Under 5000 in India

Best Cycles under 5000 [ Updated 2021 ]


It’s quite clear that we don’t have the time to stay fit with the fast-paced life. With hardly having any time in our hand to breathe or relax, slipping into a workout is nearly impossible for somebody.

We all know that to be fit and healthy, we need to be physically active both with mind and body. Regular physical activity can be life-changing which can help you protect from serious diseases such as diabetes, obesity, heart diseases, cancer, mental illness and arthritis.

While riding a bicycle daily, can be one of the best and easiest method to reduce some serious health problems. Cycling is a healthy, low-impact activity that is enjoyed by individuals of all ages, from young kids to older adults. It is also convenient, cheap and environmentally friendly.

Now you may wonder who has the time to ride a bicycle every day? Yet believe me, “The pain of today is the victory of tomorrow”. It all begins with you. If you don’t take your health seriously, you will be not strong enough to take care of anything in life.

One of the most time-efficient ways to combine your regular workout with your daily routine is to ride a bicycle to work or shops. Just think, How would India be if everyone rode bicycles instead of driving cars and motorbikes? There would be huge traffic change, natural resources would be saved, and the level of accidents would also drastically reduce. We could get some fresh air outside, the glory of nature’s beauty would be saved for our generations to come, but most importantly our health conditions would improve.

There are many top bicycles brands that are selling and leading. We cannot decide which brand of the cycle to choose as each and every brand is unique and good in its own way. Each of them carries special features with them. You can go with any of the top brands for cycles, the choice of brands depends upon one’s choice and preferences as well as likes and dislikes.

Best Cycles under 5000 For Adults

So, If you are looking desperately for a bicycle as your first instead, you don’t feel like spending so much money rather, you are looking for something that’s affordable and gives you amazing features at the same time. Then you are in the right place. I will suggest you buy a single gear bicycle as Rs.5000 is a very tight budget to get a good bicycle with all the features like gears and suspension.

Today, I will list down the best five bicycles in India that you can find under 5000. Based on their performance, features and cost at which they are available online.

Hero Kyoto 26T

hero kyoto 26t

Hero has a wide range of bicycles for kids and adults and is now one of the world’s largest manufacturer. A perfect example of a bicycle that we can get under 5000 in Hero is the Hero Kyoto 26T. No less than any other cycle is the quality of this budget bicycles. This bicycle is perfect for use in the city and has a steel frame that offers a smooth ride to a rider. Rim brakes, freewheel, 26-inch good tyres (nylon) and 18 inches of frame size are included in this city bike.

The Hero Kyoto 26T is an ideal bicycle for city traffic, and fitness riding in the city. It is a single-speed bicycle with its high-quality reflectors, strong pedals, grip steering and balanced frames, well suited to adult riders of all age. What makes this best bicycle under 5000 so unique is that it comes with accessories such as mudguards and bike stands that allow you to save more money and have more fun.

Hercules Trailblazer RF 26T

Hercules Trailblazer RF 26T

Whether it is style, fun or adventure, Hercules Trailblazer RF 26T is the mood of the adults who wants to ride with passion and excitement. This bicycle will allow you to go beyond roads with its sleek looks and smart features.

Hercules Trailblazer which is made of steel and has a low steepness through the frame. This bike also comes with twin-tube frame design, built-in carrier, Tubordrive technology that apparently helps you to propel more quickly.

Trailblazer is built on Cross Over style-based design, with 26inches of tyre and 17inches of frame size that gives an MTB bike feel.

Btwin MyBike

btwin mybikes
btwin mybikes

Decathlon is another budget bicycle that you can get your eye on. The brand is known worldwide and the brand’s strength is that it caters to all the price points with its amazing features. The Btwin MyBike 2016 is the single-speed version of the previously reviewed Btwin MyBike 7s 2016. Compared with Indian markets, The quality of this budget bicycle is much better. With Decathlon extending its scope in India, you can easily get your hands on this bike with ease, besides, there’s no one better than Decathlon offering a better after-sale service.

This is the cheapest bicycle currently available by Btwin’s on the Indian market. The bike is fitted with aluminium wheels that avoid rusting and reduce cycling weight, supported by a rigid steel frame. It also has a supportive saddle and a slightly raised handlebar that can be conveniently be used to cycle for a short distance and gives you extra support while cycling. The model does not come up with mudguard and, if you need them, you will have to buy them separately. The only accessories that come up with the model are the reflectors and the side stand.

 Yes, it may not be India’s most trendy or lightweight commuting bicycle, but the Btwin MyBike can be the first bicycle to own for its rock bottom price.

Brooks Myth SS 26T

brooks cycleBrooks Myth SS 26T is regarded to be on the stylist bicycle under low budget. Their cycles are developed and manufactured in the UK and are marketed officially by TI cycle groups in India.

The Brooks Myth SS 26T has a high tensile steel Myth city bike frame. It is considered best suited for any youth or adult who wishes to travel within the city for the purpose of commuting and fitness. This bike comes on black 26 inch SW Alloy Rims with 26-inch tires.

This Brooks bicycle is a single-speed bicycle with a standard V brake feature. For a regular user, the performance and quality of barking are satisfactory. With 26×1.95-inch tyres, the handlebars are slightly raised to provide you with extra comfort and support while riding.

Hero Octane Parkour 26T

hero octaneHero Octane Parkour is the last but not the least bicycle in my list of best bicycles in India under 5000. An aluminium city bicycle that comes with V-Brakes feature.

Because of its beautifully designed slanting frame, this cycle is ideal for both men and women. The bicycle has an impressive minimalist design and a sleek layout of the construction. To keep the bicycle weight in a stable, the manufacturer has given the only limit of essential components.

The bicycle frame is made from a lightweight aluminium alloy frame with 26inch tyre. For a regular user with an adjustable handlebar stem, the V-brakes used on the bike work well. Nevertheless, the bike does not have necessary accessories such as mudguard and side stand. If you buy the bike online, you’ll have to put a separate order for them.

Best Cycles under 5000 For kids

In order to make your purchase decision easy and hassle-free, we have listed down some of the best bicycles for the adults under 5000 in the above, but now it’s time for the kid’s bicycle. We bring you this curated list of the best three cycles in the Indian market under 5000 because we believe “A healthy life starts with an early beginning”

Mad Maxx Humber 20T

Mad Maxx Humber 20TA vivid neon coloured Mad Maxx cycle is suitable for kids between the ages of seven and ten. It’s smart and trendy with its smart and trendy colour, which the young kids will love. The frame is made of steel, making it sturdy and strong.

The wide training wheel of the bicycle helps the kids to balance and learn bicycle in an easy way. The positive aspect of the bicycle is that to reach a comfortable sitting posture it comes with an adjustable foam seat with a reinforced plastic shell.

Hero Blast 20T

hero blast 20tHero Blast 20 T is one of Hero’s most new and fashionable children’s bikes designed to allow your kids to start building up their adventure. The black bike is suitable for children between the ages of six and seven. The bike rim length is 20 inches and the width of the frame is 12 inches.

When ordering online, what a customer needs to know is that it is shipped in semi-assembled conditions. Before using it, consumers need to mount it themselves.

Finally, I think Hero’s awesome bicycle that is built with extreme accuracy to ensure the safety of your junior.

Atlas Mettle Sports Bike

atlas mettle bikesAtlas Mettle sports bike made with best quality material and promise you that it will last longer giving you satisfactorily. It comes with comfortable seating style, Matt black-green finished paint, heavy-duty tyres for better comfort and road grip and also with Anti-skid tires with unique grippers for slippery free riding conditions ensuring the safety. It is a unisex bike which can be driven by both boy and a girl.with its attractive sporty frame design for both durability and safety.

The bicycle is best suited for every day or weekend rides with a sturdy and robust steel frame which is less prone to damage and easy to maintain in the long run.


How much should I spend on my first bicycle?

Try to write down why you need a bike and what kind of bicycle you’re looking for before you head into any nearest cycle shops. I’d suggest you spend your first bicycle around Rs 5000 – 10,000. If cycling is a real passion, then upgrade from there.

What is the difference between geared and non-geared bicycle?

Many people get confused with the term geared and non-geared cycles. Geared cycles, as the name suggest are bikes with a number of gears which may vary from model to model. On the other hand, the non-geared cycle is those that do not have gears or shifters. They are also known as single speed cycle, which has a single gear ratio.

Why do some bikes have drop bars and some have flat bars?

Drop handlebars were developed for road racing , which work brilliantly if you want to get into position on the bike which helps you to rapidly cover a lot of terrains. While the flat handlebars have better control on rough surfaces, which is why they are the universal choice of mountain bikers.

How high should my saddle be?

If your saddle is too low, you will get tired very quickly. You should always have your saddle higher so that your knee is at 25-35 degree angle when your foot is at the bottom of the pedal’s rotation.