What is 360Ride?

360Ride is a free ride-sharing platform catering to urban travel allowing ride-sharing of both two wheelers and four wheelers. Registration is free and no transaction charges. Users requesting for a shared ride will be matched accordingly with other users looking for the common destination. An intimation via SMS or 360Ride app after verification of co-travellers is carried out soon after. Ride along!

With our app, you can:

  • Avail shared rides to or from the airport (4 wheeler)
  • Share rides within the city (4 wheeler and 2 wheeler)
  • Enjoy inter-city travel with shared-rides (4 wheeler)
  • Offer rides to verified co-travellers with common destinations

How does 360Ride work?

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Post a ride

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Request a ride

Why 360Ride?

Urban travel has become increasingly stressful of late.

A city dweller copes with clogged roads, unattractive fares, impatient auto drivers and incompetent safety measures on a daily basis. We, at 360Ride believe the idea of sharing a ride is the perfect solution to your problems. It’s easier, safer and cheaper.

Here’s how 360Ride serves you

Fast Bookings

Make quick bookings with our app and travel with verified users.

Safe Rides

Share your ride only with verified customers.

Women can choose to travel with other women co-travellers.

Affordable Prices

Enjoy nominal fares on your

Airport shared rides starts at as low as 5/km while Intra-city shared rides start at as low as 5/km on a 4 wheeler and 3/km on a 2 wheeler

Inter-city shared rides starts at as low as 2/km

Reliable Service

Relax with hassle-free services that allow ride-sharing with ease

Who we are

Intra-city travel is important to all of us. This is why we focused our attention to arrive at an idea that will spark a change for the greater good. And behold, 360Ride was born!

We are more than just a software company –a collective of spirited individuals on a mission to revolutionise urban transport. With the 360Ride platform, we hope to address the many concerns that you face on a regular basis, problems that we have experienced ourselves as urban commuters.

We envision an India in the near future that is well-equipped to travel in comfort and safety. We acknowledge our role in this endeavour and look forward to your contribution to the realisation of this vision.

Contact us

Office Timings

9:00 am – 7:00 pm


360Ride, No. 104 Epip Zone, 2nd Floor, Prestige Omega,
Whitefield, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560066.

Contact us: support@360ride.in

360Ride's services are available in Bangalore,Delhi,Noida and Gurgoan as of now. We will be launching our services soon in other cities.